Open Your Options to Open Houses

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Benefits of Open Houses

You may see us promote open houses 80% of the time, but why do we do it? What are the true benefits of holding or attending an open house?

For a buyer –

  1. You’re able to see a house in a livable way. For several buyers, this is an easy way to envision your family living in a home – the bedrooms, where the kids will hang their coats, the movie nights, etc.
  2. Open houses are a great way to compare and contrast potential homes. Make a weekend of seeing homes in an area, and you’ll be able to distinguish which homes stand out to you.
  3. If your schedule doesn’t allow showings 5 times a week, open houses are perfect for you! Setting aside one Saturday is much easier than squeezing in 30-minute showings, into your hectic schedule.

For a seller –

  1. First things first, you get your home attention! For some prospective buyers, booking a showing seems tedious and time-consuming. Having an open house, brings in those buyers who otherwise would never see your home.
  2. You choose the timing and the setting. You’re able to set up your home the way you want viewers to see it. Plus, you’re able to choose the days or weekends that are most convenient for you.
  3. You could end up sealing the deal that day! If a potential buyer enjoys your house, they are likely to want to book a showing in order to take a second look. Plus, they won’t feel rushed throughout the house in a less formal setting, allowing them to really take it in.

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