Landon was born in Lubbock, Texas, raised in Louisiana and graduated from Lamesa in 2002. He left for Phoenix, Arizona in 2003 to attend Pan Am International Flight Academy and graduated as a type rated commercial pilot and flight instructor. Landon returned to Lubbock in 2006 as a Certified Flight Instructor to teach Texas Tech Air Force ROTC pilots their private pilot licenses.


After the 2006 school year, the ROTC flight program ended and Landon moved to Dallas. In Dallas, he managed a small flight operations for a local company which later grew into selling, repairing and flying high voltage electrical equipment in and around Texas. He was then transferred back to Phoenix with this position as a Technical Sales Engineer and received my NETA II testing designation. This allowed him to travel the country extensively both selling and repairing equipment, until late 2008. 


In 2008 the housing market hit Phoenix hard and all of my government contracts were no longer contracting. I was laid off and the Phoenix office was closed.


With a few lender contacts and friends closely related to the business, real estate, specifically short sales and distressed property, became a new and adventurous opportunity that shined through the doom and gloom of news and radio. 


I took to Real Estate quickly and enjoyed the freedom and possibilities the industry provided. I teamed up with those close to me who were investors and learned more about the real estate process. In late 2009, I decided to take my new passion back to the home turf and moved back to Lubbock. 


I became a Realtor in early 2010 focused on short sales and foreclosure avoidance clients. Since then, I have expanded that focus to help hundreds of people, buy and sale their homes or property, invest in real estate, avoid foreclosure, quick sale their homes, and over-all complete some of the more complicated transactions across the market place. My experience in real estate has been extensive and rewarding on many different levels. Because of this, I can proudly say that if you have a real estate problem, I have a real estate solution. 

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