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Open Your Options to Open Houses

You may see us promote open houses 80% of the time, but why do we do it? What are the true benefits of holding or attending an open house? You’re able to see a house in a livable way.

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Recipe for the Perfect Kitchen

Curb appeal gets them in the house, the kitchen makes them stay…or the interior anyways! Renovating a kitchen begins with a lot of research – what colors do you want, what is considered welcoming, do you want bright or subdued, what about an island? Things can get crazy real quick, so we’ve done the hard part for you!

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5 Tips To Stay Chill When Entering The Market

Full Service Real Estate Solutions Company If the process of buying or selling a home is overwhelming, you’re not alone! If you’re thinking of going on the market this year, check out these tips. Don’t obsess over timing. We cannot stress this enough! Instead of...

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How To Prepare to Finance a Home

Are you wanting to finance a home soon? Using these tips can make the process easier on everyone! Develop a budget: Instead of telling yourself what you’d like to spend, use receipts to create a budget that reflects your actual habits over the last several months....

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How to Improve Your Credit

Having too many credit applications can lower your score. However, multiple inquiries about your credit score from the same type of lender are counted as one if submitted over a short period of time.

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How to Prepare to Buy a Home

It’s absolutely vital that you find a real estate professional who understands your goals and who is ready and able to guide you through the home buying process.

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7 Reasons to Own A Home

The recent housing crisis has caused some to question the long-term value of real estate, but even in the most recent 10 years, which included quite a few very bad years for housing, values are still up 7.0 percent on a cumulative basis.

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Organization in your Home

“I run into people whose homes are unorganized to the point of papers, boxes and ‘stuff’ blocking air vents that supply heat and air conditioning to their homes,” says Gessert. This costs a fortune in utility bills.

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Fall Lawn Care

Instead of raking leaves, run over them a couple of times with your mower to grind them into mulch. The shredded leaves protect grass from winter wind and desiccation. An added bonus — shredded leaves decompose into yummy organic matter to feed grass roots.

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